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Betta’s Best TVs for 2021

Whether you are after a smaller second TV for the bedroom to escape from the kids or a TV for your home theatre that will transport you into the magical world of your favourite film, purchasing a TV can rapidly become an overwhelming experience. The TV market is constantly changing, and there’s more options now than ever before. From HD, 4K, Smart TV, AI assisted, OLED, the list goes on seemingly forever… It can quickly feel like an impossible task trying to figure out which one is right for your needs! 


The best TVs look amazing, sound great and are packed with features and content. No matter your budget, there’s the perfect TV out there for everyone at Betta. Our guide below will help you to find the best TV in your budget for you to feast your eyes on! 


5 Things to Look for in a Microwave

Versatile and convenient, the humble microwave is one of the most useful appliances in any kitchen. Here at Betta we understand that though it might be the smallest appliance in your kitchen, which microwave you choose to purchase is still an important decision.


Best Dishwashers to Buy in 2021

LG QuadWash Dishwasher

The dishwasher is the unsung hero of any home and office. The dishwasher needs to keep up with the tough demands of a busy family, and effortlessly handle anything that comes its way with ease and reliability. With so much choice available the Betta Team is here to help you select the right dishwasher to fit your needs and budget.