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Westinghouse - Built In Australia

When purchasing a new oven, quality and durability are often high on the priority list. You’ll want an oven that will stand the test of time, but also looks stylish in your home. With the launch of Westinghouse’s new cooking range as part of their Built in Australia program, you’re sure to experience the peace-of-mind and assurance of quality that comes with every product made on home soil.


Geebungalow x Hisense Air Conditioning

Hisense AIrcon

Author: Geebungalow  Roìsìn & Zac 

We’ve been renovating our post war home in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane for just under 3 years and for two summers we suffered through the heat with no air conditioning. This year, after we had removed all our internal asbestos and replaced it with Gyprock, we were finally able to install some new units!