Betta Buying Guide - How to choose the right fridge for your home

Is there a white good with more innovations, styles and exciting features on the market than the refrigerator? With all these options out there it can feel a little overwhelming figuring out which is the best fridge for your home. But buying a new fridge doesn’t have to be complicated, just follow our guide below.


Fridges come in a huge range of sizes. Height, width, and depth vary from model to model. The standard size for alcoves built into kitchens especially for fridges is 850mm, which is usually suitable for top mount, bottom mount and single door fridges. Nonetheless, make sure to carefully measure the available space in your kitchen, plus any doors and others entries the fridge will have to fit through on its way inside.

The right fridge size for you also depends on your household’s eating habits. How many people live in your home, what kind of meals do they eat at home, and how often? Do you entertain regularly? Do you buy lots of frozen goods or prefer fresh only? All of these factors should help you decide how much fridge capacity you need.


The next thing to think about is style, or which fridge configuration is best for you. Perhaps you like to buy fresh groceries throughout the week, so you have little need for a large freezer – in this case, a bottom mount fridge could do you fine. On the other hand, you might like buying groceries in bulk and freezing them, so a side-by-side fridge or pigeon pair (a single door fridge set up beside a single door vertical freezer with a door that opens the opposite way) would better suit your needs.

If you’re often reaching for the freezer for smaller items, the conventional top mount fridge is a good option because it will save you having to constantly bend over to rummage in the freezer. 

A French door fridge is a fantastic option if you can accommodate the size.  If planning renovations, make sure to consider the fridge’s larger footprint and dual opening doors.

Energy Efficiency

A fridge runs on power 24/7, so energy use is another important consideration. Use the Star rating system to easily identify which models are more efficient and compare them. The more stars, the more energy efficient the model.

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