Hisense TVs, Fridges, Washing Machines and Air Conditioning Appliances

Hisense has grown to be one of the fastest emerging Television and Home Appliance brands in Australia. Combining luxury, innovation and the latest technology, Hisense is dedicated to always going forward and making new technology accessible for everyone. With its four pillars of ‘Technology’, ‘Quality’, ‘Service’ and ‘Warranty’, Hisense ensures these are incorporated into the development and manufacturing of each product, and a promise of guaranteed quality. Hisense present consumers with the latest in technology such as 3D TVs, LED Backlight TVs, Tablets and much more. In addition,Hisense also produce freezers and other home appliances.





Air Conditioners



We have something for every viewer and every size home. From 32-Inch to 85-Inch for a true cinematic experience. All Hisense products are built to exacting standards and designed to withstand the demands on modern lifestyle.


  1. Hisense A7G 65-inch UHD 4k Smart TV
    Hisense A7G 65-inch UHD 4k Smart TV Model 65A7G
    Special Price $995.00 Regular Price $1,095.00


From sophisticated smarts and good looks, to clever cooling technology, discover some of the great features that makes the Hisense refrigeration range truly excellent. From bottom mount to french door fridges, you can choose the right one for you and your family.


  1. Hisense 326 Litre Top Mount Refrigerator - White