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01 Jun 2020 Introducing the Westinghouse Aspire Range

Introducing the Westinghouse Aspire Range 

The kitchen is the multifunctional heart of the home where we don’t just cook anymore, we also entertain, share intimate family moments, and watch kids grow. The new Westinghouse Aspire Range offers timeless style and sophistication, paired with unrivaled functions to make your cooking experience that much more stress-free, so that you can focus on the things that matter most.

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25 May 2020 Top 3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Lounge

Choose the perfect lounge for your home

Whatever you choose to call it a lounge, a couch or a sofa, it is one of the most important investments that you will make for your home – a hub of comfort and relaxation, we read, watch TV, entertain friends and family, eat and drink, and even sometimes sleep on our lounge. On top of all that, the right lounge can completely change the ambiance of a room.

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21 May 2020 The Styling Mama x Haier

Product Review: Haier 8kg Condenser Clothes Dryer

Author:  May 17, 2020

I’d always wondered what a condenser clothes dryer was. I mean, aren’t all dryers made the same? To dry clothes?

Ummmm, it turns out the answer is NO.

But I’ll get to why I’m on the condenser dryer bandwagon in a minute.

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18 May 2020 Reno gals X Fujitsu

Tips on selecting Air Con for your home

We asked our friends Reno Gals to talk us through tips & tricks for selecting the right air conditioning unit for your home & why they love their new Fujitsu 3.5kW inverter from Betta!


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Keep your home dust and dirt free with our wide selection of vacuums to suit every task. For large floor areas, we stock barrel vacuums and upright vacuums from brands including Dyson, Electrolux, Kenwood, Volta and Nilfisk. For spot or furniture cleaning, a handheld vacuum is easy to use and can reach the tightest spots. To give yourself a break, our robotic vacuums from LG can keep rooms clean with only the press of a button. To go beyond dust, we have a range of steam mops and carpet shampooers, ensuring every surface in your home is kept healthy and safe.