Teco Laundry, Fridges, Air Conditioner and Dishwashers

Teco was established in 1956 and initially began life as an electric motor manufacturer. Since then the company has grown exponentially to become a major recognisable force on the world stage. 

Air Conditioners



Air Conditioning

TECO provide their customers with air conditioners that are engineered to perform superbly and provide the ultimate cooling solution for your home or office. 

Shop portable air conditioners or split system air conditioners and beat the heat with great quality and reliability from TECO!


  1. Teco 3.5kW Inverter Air Conditioner - Cooling Only
  2. Teco 5.2kW Air Conditioner Inverter (Cooling Only)
  3. Teco 7.0kW Air Conditioner Inverter (Cooling Only)