FAQ - Is SodaStream healthy?

The Background

We know that keeping hydrated is important, but many people find it difficult to meet their daily water intake with plain water, so they turn to alternatives. The problem is that what a lot of us end up drinking instead is a soft drink, despite being faced with a growing mountain of evidence that sweet, fizzy drinks are linked to an array of health problems.

How SodaStream Works

SodaStream offers a ‘better way’ to enjoy fizzy drinks. This much-loved household soda-making device carbonates water by adding carbon dioxide under pressure, giving you soda water (aka sparkling water). Sparkling water on its own is innocuous (too much soda water might just make you feel bloated), but to it can be added SodaStream flavoured syrups.

What About SodaStream Flavours?

SodaStream uses a mix of naturally-occurring sugar, sucrose, and artificial sweetener, Splenda®, which is made from sucralose, in regular (non-diet) soda mixes. The addition of the artificial sweetener in SodaStream flavours is what gives them their lower-calorie status.

So, if comparing 100mL of Coke to 100mL of SodaStream soda mix reconstituted as per instructions, then the SodaStream drink is ‘healthier’ in that it contains less sugar and fewer calories. But sodas made with the SodaStream at home should be treated the same way store-bought soft drinks are: they’re an occasional beverage.

Unflavoured water will always be the healthiest option!

Even Better Bubbles

How to make SodaStream even healthier (compared to soft drinks)

  • Try SodaStream’s sugar free flavours (note: SodaStream diet soda mixes contain Splenda®)
  • Replace the flavours altogether! You still enjoy the fizz of the drink, but with an alternate method of adding flavour:
    • 100% cranberry or pomegranate juice
    • Pure fruit puree (go for low-sugar fruits like blueberries, strawberries and pink grapefruit)
    • A twist of lemon or lime