• Russell Hobbs

    Being at the heart of your home, Russel Hobbs helps create precious moments through the quality, style and innovation of their appliances. No matter what you buy from Russel Hobbs, you can be certain that you are buying a product that is timeless and sophisticated.

  • Kettles

    If you’re looking for a kettle that is sure to be the centrepiece of your kitchen you can’t go past Russel Hobbs’ range of kettles. With their eye-catching design and innovative features Russell Hobbs is the obvious choice when looking for your new kettle. 

  • Toasters

    Toasters are an essential part of every kitchen, which is why Russell Hobbs prides themselves on being a leading brand in toasters around the world. When you buy a toaster from Russell Hobbs, you are buying a toaster that has all the function and style to fit into any kitchen. 

  • Electric Cookware and Fryware

    With ease of use and enjoyment in mind when creating their electric cookware and fryware, Russell Hobbs will make any dish you cook a masterpiece. Whatever you feel like cooking, from a slow cooked risotto to searing steaks, Russell Hobbs will let you do it all. 

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