Clothes Dryers

No laundry is complete without a clothes dryer. Designed with convenience and time-saving efforts in mind, a clothes dryer works to perfectly dry garments. Delivering more than just drying, many clothes dryers also provide a range of other functions like hygienically removing germs, refreshing garments and reducing creases.

There are three types of clothes dryers, they include Heat Pump Dryers, Condenser Dryers and Vented Dryers. Find the perfect clothes dryer for your laundry with our Betta range of dryers from well-known brands including Electrolux, Fisher & Paykel, Westinghouse, Beko and Haier.

Types of Clothes Dryers

Vented Dryers: operates by circulating hot air within the dryer’s drum to dry clothes. Warm, damp air from drying is vented into an external area of your home, such as through a duct or window. Using traditional forms of heating, Vented Dryers are typically the cheapest to purchase, however they have the highest running costs, using a lot of energy to circulate heated air.


Condenser Dryers: hot air is expelled to dry clothes, with moisture from wet clothes collected before being condensed into water. Collected water is kept in a tank which needs to be emptied or drained into your sink or drainpipe, depending on the installation of the dryer. Unlike Vented Dryers, Condenser Dryers don’t need to be vented outside of the home, however they require a well-ventilated space to prevent condensation and mould.


Heat Pump Dryers: work by using heated air and recycling it to dry clothes. During drying, hot air dries clothes and moisture collected from clothes are turned into warm air to be reused to dry garments. Excess damp air is extracted into water that is collected in a tank that must be emptied after drying. Heat Pump Dryers don't require venting, making them suitable for all types of laundry and homes. Despite its premium price tag, a Heat Pump Dryer’s efficient operation quickly pays itself off. 


Washer Dryer Combo: a space-saving 2-in-1 unit that offers both washing and drying, Washer Dryer Combos are perfect for small laundries that require both functions. The dryer within a Washer Dryer Combo is typically powered by either Condenser or Heat Pump drying technology, providing energy efficient drying without the need for venting.



The Difference between Condenser Dryers & Heat Pump Dryers

Across dryer types, both Condenser Dryers and Heat Pump Dryers offer greater efficiency and value when compared to Vented Dryers. While similar by design, Condenser Dryers generate more heat and require well-ventilated spaces in comparison to Heat Pump Dryers. Condenser Dryers convert hot air into water, while Heat Pump Dryers recycle hot air to dry clothes. Both Condenser and Heat Pump Dryers don't require venting, making them suitable for all types of homes. 



Dryer Capacity Guide

A dryer’s capacity should be fit-for-purpose, providing drying capacity that is best suited to your laundry lifestyle, delivering on functionality and efficiency too. Running a drying cycle with an over-filled load could lead to damage, this is why it’s vital to match the dryer’s drum size to your needs. 


The capacity of a dryer is expressed in kilograms (kg), which indicates the maximum weight of a dry laundry load that the dryer can accommodate. As a guide, the dryer’s capacity should suit the number of people in your household:


Number of people Dryer capacity
A single or coupled household Under 5kg
Small family of 3-4 people 5kg – 7kg
A single or coupled household 8kg+



Dryer Features & Functions to Know

No matter which dryer type you invest in, many dryers will have similar functions and features. Below are some common dryer functions and features to familiarise yourself with when embarking on your dryer purchasing journey:


Sensor Drying: Uses built-in sensors to measure moisture levels of clothes, determining drying conditions including temperatures and drying time. Intelligent by design, sensor drying ensures clothes are dried perfectly without under or over drying them, helping to protect garments for longer-lasting wear. 


Reverse Tumble: A dryer’s reverse tumble action spins clothes in a clockwise then anti-clockwise direction to reduce folds and creases. Reverse tumbling reduces the need for ironing. 


Steam Refresh: Designed to revitalise and refresh garments without the need for a full wash, Steam Refresh programs use high temperatures and steam to lightly smooth out creases, remove odours and in some cases, kill germs and bacteria for hygienic laundry results.



Eco Drying: An energy-saving program which helps to reduce consumption of power for eco-friendly drying.


Woolmark Certification: A Woolmark certified dryer has been tested to provide delicate drying results of woollen garments, such as jumpers, scarves, and gloves. 


Anti-Wrinkle: This function reduces wrinkles and creases in your clothes, which makes ironing easier and potentially removes the need for ironing. 


Drying Rack: An often-included accessory, a drying rack facilitates the drying of non-tumble items like soft toys, shoes and silk garments. Simply place the drying rack into the dryer drum and add your item(s) on top of the rack before drying.



Smart Drying Programs and Smart Control

Enjoy an enhanced drying experience that is better for your clothes, your lifestyle and your laundry routine with intelligent drying programs and smart control. 


AI Drying: Clothes dryers with built-in sensors and artificial intelligence work to provide precise drying results, efficiently. The dryer is able to detect the load’s weight, material and humidity to continually adjust and optimise drying in real-time, helping you achieve results that are perfectly matched for your garments. 


Smart Pairing: Compatible dryers and washing machines from the same brand can be synced to deliver a seamless washing and drying process. Communication between the washing machine and dryer ensures that the dryer’s program matches the one used for washing, so that your laundry load can be cared for effectively and gently. For instance, jeans washed with the denim program are also dried using the denim cycle. 


Smart Control: Dryers with Wi-Fi connectivity can be remotely monitored and controlled on your smartphone or tablet via an app. Smart app control lets you access a world of remote control, like downloading extra programs, scheduling, starting, and pausing drying and even viewing energy use. 


Some clothes dryers may be voice control compatible with home assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so that with a simple voice command, you can control the dryer.



Dryer Efficiency 

All dryers are tested and given an energy efficiency rating known as an ‘Energy Rating’. Measured by a number of ‘stars’, a dryer’s Energy Rating will indicate how energy efficient the dryer is; with a higher star rating hinting at greater efficiency, making it better for the environment and your power bills. 


Tip: Heat Pump Dryers are the most efficient dryers in the market, typically with very high Energy Ratings, from 5-Stars onwards. 



Dryer Installation Options 

With many installation methods, you’ll soon find the optimal way to install your clothes dryer for best use within your laundry. Aside from the dryer type, external factors such as the laundry space and room ventilation will also play a role. Below are some common dryer installation and connection styles:


Wall-Mounted: only Vented Dryers can be mounted onto the wall, the reason being is because of their light unit weight. Condenser and Heat Pump Dryers are too heavy for wall mounting and will need to be placed on the floor or stacked on top of a front load washing machine. 

Stacked: clothes dryers can be stacked on top of Front Load Washing Machines. It’s recommended that a stacking kit, often included with the dryer, is used to ensure that the dryer is fitted properly. 

Ground Level: if a dryer cannot be wall-mounted, stacked or is generally too heavy, it can be placed on the floor in an appropriate spot in your laundry. Washer Dryer Combos are typically placed on the floor due to their heavy weight.



Side-by-Side: if space is a luxury, your dryer can be paired next to your washing machine. Having a dryer side-by-side with a washing machine may eliminate any concerns with loading and unloading at a high height. 

Elevated: have the dryer installed on top of a laundry pedestal to elevate the unit for easy loading and unloading of garments. Most laundry pedestals include a storage drawer that’s the ideal place for housing laundry essentials like detergent and pegs.




The best dryer is one that’s best suited in meeting your household’s needs. When buying a dryer, consider the number of people in your household and the dryer’s capacity, the number of functions available against the types of garments you wear as well as your laundry’s space and configuration.

Whilst they both convert moisture into water that needs to be drained, the operation between a heat pump and condenser dryer differs. Heat Pump Dryers reuse the heated air to dry, meanwhile Condenser Dryers expel the hot air; making Heat Pump Dryers more energy efficient. Condenser Dryers also require a well-ventilated space to prevent condensation and mould. You should weigh up the features and benefits of each model to determine which dryer is the right one for your laundry.

Dry according to the dryer’s capacity and don’t overload the dryer as this will impact on the dryer’s operation and also cause damage to the drum. Look out for and take advantage of the dryer’s environmentally friendly programs such as ‘Eco’ and ‘Energy Saving’ to ensure efficient results.

Washer Dryer Combos are the ideal laundry solution for smaller laundries such as those in apartments, granny flats and tiny homes. If your household doesn’t require regular drying of garments, a Washer Dryer Combo will do the trick, providing both washing and drying functions when you need it!

At Betta, we stock a wide range of dryer brands including Westinghouse, Electrolux, Beko, Fisher & Paykel and Haier. No matter the brand or model, enjoy leading drying technologies, user convenience and greater efficiency in your home laundry. To find the perfect dryer brand and model, speak to a Betta team member in store or shop online today.