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Haier Washing Machines, Fridges, Dryers and Dishwasher Appliances

Everyday people with everyday chores is who Haier has designed their innovative products around. Haier offers practical, smart and reliable home solutions to fit every lifestyle so you will be sure to find something that will suit your needs.





Washing Machines

Clothes Dryers


Haier create the perfect design to match every kitchen aesthetic. From a humble top-mount to a fancy French door, Haier offer a cooling solution for every type of food and beverage.


Haier appliances offer spill-proof safety glass shelves, reversible doors to easily adapt to your space, and features like MyZone variable temperature function that allows some models to operate as a fridge or freezer.

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  1. Haier 498 Litre Bottom Mount Refrigerator - Silver
  2. Haier 466 Litre French Door Refrigerator - Black


Haier create functional products to match every home aesthetic. Crafted to make laundry easier, Haier appliances are made to suit you and your space. 


Built with Direct Motion washers that feature direct drive motor technology, ensuring a reliable machine with less noise. 


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