What do I need to consider when buying a new dishwasher

Excessive noise and reduced cleaning quality are sure signs that your dishwasher is on its last legs. A modern dishwasher cleans well, is quiet and uses little water and electricity. So you’ll be very happy with almost any new dishwasher…but there are things you’ll need to consider before you buy.


Performance and reliability

Most modern dishwashers will do the job and get your dishes clean. In terms of reliability not all brands are equal. You generally get what you pay for, although Betta only carries brands with a proven track record.


Energy efficiency

Energy and water efficiency are big issues these days. The prices on both are only going up so the more energy and water efficient your new dishwasher is, the better. You may be able to recoup a higher purchase price within the first couple of years of operation.



The external design may or may not be important to you, but the internal design is something you’ll need to consider. Does the dishwasher have room for your large dishes, bowls, pots and wine glasses? Are the drawers adjustable?



Today’s kitchen is often the hub of the home and used for entertaining guests as well. Even though all modern dishwashers will seem quiet to you, they are not all equal. Check the noise level before you buy, if it’s important to you.


Service & warranty

The established brands all have quick and efficient service organisations. The warranties vary and it can be a good idea to buy an extended warranty (link to TotalGuard Customer Care). Dishwashers are often used daily and are not immune to breakdowns.



As always you generally get what you pay for. Even the cheapest dishwasher will do your dishes, but you may have to endure more noise and pay more for water and electricity. So in the long run it pays to look at other factors than the price.

Have a chat to your local Betta. They know all about dishwashers and have a large range in stock. Or shop online now.