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The 2018 Commonwealth Games are taking place right here on Australian soil.  With so many talented athletes competing across 23 different sports, it’s time to get behind our Australian teams and support them as they compete.

If you’re not able to get to the games, it is important to note that they will be broadcasted live and free  for everyone to enjoy. So as our Australian athletes prepare themselves for competition, it’s time to prepare your lounge room and home media room and  create the ultimate viewing platform for the 2018 Commonwealth Games!

Enhance your viewing

At the heart of every great home media room is a big screen TV with brilliant picture quality and powerful audio. Think about your current home entertainment set up. Do you need or want  to upgrade your TV? To ensure you get the best from your new television purchase, it is important to consider screen size, picture quality and audio.

Screen size

Televisions are measured diagonally across the screen from one corner to the other. They are typically measured in inches. When looking at buying, it’s important to consider the size of the room in which the television will sit to ensure comfort when viewing. In general, large-sized lounge rooms and media rooms suit big screens, such as 65inch and 75inch TVs.

Picture quality

When you’re watching TV, you want to be able to enjoy clearly defined imagery with incredible colouring and dynamic contrast. When you’re shopping for a new TV, a good place to start is by looking at televisions with Ultra High Definition (UHD). Many televisions on the market offer 4K UHD resolution, which provide sharp, detailed viewing experiences. Some TVs even have a specific sport mode, but generally speaking, sports look best with a higher refresh rate.

Audio system

When you’re looking at purchasing a new television, it is important to consider the audio system. To ensure a satisfying listening experience, look at the power and quality of the built-in system. Also look at TV outputs – does the television, which you are interested in and looking at, offer analogue, audio and HDMI outputs? If it does, then this means you have the option to look at external audio systems, which can enhance your listening experience even more.

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Big screen TVs

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Betta viewing

Maximise your viewing of the 2018 Commonwealth Games by gathering your friends and family together for a great night of television entertainment! Fill up the snack bowl, grab a drink, and sit back in front of the TV to watch the Commonwealth Games right in the comfort of your very own living room!