Sunbeam Foodsaver Competition

To be eligible to enter, individuals must spend $100 or more on any an eligible FoodSaver® product(s) at a participating store nationally between 15th September 2018 and 18th January 2019

Click Here to redeem online via Sunbeam 

Enter the competition no later than the 18th of January 2019.

Participating Models

Participating Product Name Model Number  IPN 
 FoodSaver GameSaver  VS9000  677460
FoodSaver Controlled Seal VS7850 699381
FoodSaver Controlled Seal VS7800 326596
FoodSaver Urban Series: Cut & Seal VS6100 661415
FoodSaver Lock & Seal VS4500 699380
FoodSaver Lock & Seal VS4300 368547
FoodSaver Fresh Unit  VS1300 699379
FoodSaver Starter Pack VS0210 677539
FoodSaver 2 x 28cm Rolls VS0520 263161
FoodSaver 2 x 20cm Rolls VS0420 263162
FoodSaver 48 x Pre-Cut Bags VS0310 263163
FoodSaver 35 x Reusable Vacuum Zipper Bags VS0500 699382
FoodSaver 22 x Pre-Cut Bags VS0300 263149
FoodSaver Expandable Rolls VS0530 677468
FoodSaver Vacuum Container 10 x cup VS0645 672207
FoodSaver Container 2 piece set VS0640 661436
FoodSaver Quick Marinator VS0700 661421
FoodSaver Container 3 piece set VS0655 730993


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