Should I replace my steam iron or buy a steam station instead?

It all depends on how much ironing you do. If it's not a lot the traditional steam iron has a few things going for it:

* Takes up less space
* Convenient for everyday use
* Lower price ($30-$150)

A steam station consists of a water tank and an iron that rests on it. Steam stations produce more steam because they have a separate boiler. Therefore they can be a good choice for large families, especially those who like to do all their ironing at once. The pros and cons are:

* Takes up more space
* Best if set up permanently in an area devoted to ironing
* Larger tank
* About twice as high steam output (= faster ironing)
* Some can iron multiple items simultaneously
* Higher price ($220-$600)

Regardless of which type you choose there are a few general things to consider when choosing an iron:

* Weight: a light model is good for synthetics and small items. For linen, cotton and denim a heavier one is better
* Steam: steam is the best wrinkle remover - the more the better
* Settings: check that they are simple to adjust without having to stop work
* Tank: make sure it's easy to fill and large - it saves refilling and reheating time
* Cord: a long cord gives greater mobility. Reversible or pivot means both right- and left-handers can work comfortably
* Self-clean nozzles: a burst of steam clears the holes in the soleplate. Clogged vents reduce steam output and - even worse - deposit can spew from the iron at any time
* Auto-off: if you've ever been halfway to work and suddenly wondered if you turned the iron off this feature will be top of your list.

Hope this helps. Your local Betta Electrical will be able to assist you further. Here you'll find all the best brands and great advice.