Betta Advice Guide: Fabric Lounges vs Leather Lounges

Fabric vs Leather Couches

There’s a few things to weigh up when choosing a couch, but fabric versus leather is one of the most important to get right. It’s not just a visual decision, though it does significantly impact the aesthetic of a couch. It’s also about feel and texture, and, ultimately, winding up with a couch that helps you wind down.


The most important part, right? This is mostly a personal choice, though there are a points to go over when considering the comfort of a couch. If it’s something you’ll be laying down on, remember that fabric is generally friendlier to body heat. Especially in summer, leather can get uncomfortable, sticky and even downright painful if it’s on bare skin.

Second, the softness of fabric couches should be considered. Some materials are softer than others, and so can be a lot more comfortable.


Leather is much easier to wipe down than fabric, and is more resistant to stains. Certain fabrics are made to be more resistant than others, but this should always be investigated; never taken as a given. 

Depending on the construction, both will probably need to be vacuumed regularly, for all the bits and pieces that get stuck beneath the cushions. This is more severe on a fabric couch, as there is more opportunity for dust to get trapped.

On that note, allergy sufferers should take that as a point of advantage for leather couches. With less capacity to trap dust, the less likely to irritate the senses.

The Look

As it is in your wardrobe, fabric is a lot more versatile in terms of appearance than leather. While the latter is a well-defined and impressive look to it, a fabric couch can take almost any appearance, with almost any textile. So, this part comes back to the feel of the whole room. In the grand scheme of design, this is usually an easy choice.


Lastly, couches come at all different price points, but leather will generally be more expensive!

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