Founded in 1981 in China, TCL made consumer electronics for the Chinese market. It was not until 2000 that TCL began to sell internationally, and since then they have seen an unprecedentedly fast rise. TCL is now one of the largest 25 consumer electronics manufacturers in the world, and claims to be the world’s 3rd largest TV brand!

As one of the largest appliance and television manufacturers, TCL is at the forefront of new technology, with 35 research and development centres worldwide. This allows TCL to consistently deliver advanced engineering and quality products. The manufacturer is known for its high quality, high tech panels at affordable price points.

TCL has been making breakthroughs in home cinema systems for years, with the motto “go further into entertainment” and since 2011, has been central to the development of a standard specification for Smart TVs.  

Smart about Smart TV

 3D, Smart, Curved 65"


TCL is renowned at making TVs for the ultimate in-home theatre system. This one has a 3840 x 2160 resolution, 3D capability and next-generation 4K technology. The Smart TV feature allows you to seamlessly download apps and browse the internet through your television. TCL also offers ongoing support for any issues with your television setup and operation, so you can feel at ease with your purchase.

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