In 1908, Axel Leonard Wenner-Gren, upon seeing a vacuum cleaner in a shop window in Vienna, Austria, became determined that this was a product that should be in every house in the country. He worked tirelessly to see this vision to fruition, eventually founding Electrolux in 1919 along with the development of the single vacuum sweeper.

In 1936, the first Electrolux production plant for vacuum cleaners, floor polishers and refrigerators opened in Australia. Since then, Electrolux has grown to be one of the top brands in home appliances, with a reputation for clever design and superior quality.

The 1920s and 1930s saw a revolution in which vacuums and refrigerators becoming standard in homes of everyday people, not just the very rich. In 1921, the V model vacuum was created, a now familiar design with a hose and the vacuum canister on runners to make it easier to pull. In 1922, the absorption refrigerator used a simple process to turn heat into cold.

Since its foundation, Electrolux has continued to innovate. Electrolux was named “Most Innovative Brand of the Year” in the 2012 PlusX awards (the world’s largest competition for technology, sports and lifestyle) and won 5 Red Dot Awards for product design in 2014.

These days, Electrolux’s range of products includes vacuums, dishwashers, fridges, and washing machines.

Laundry room leaders

Electrolux laundry room products “love your clothes as much as you do”. It’s like having a professional laundry in your own home, but one that features clever technologies and features and ergonomic design, so doing the laundry doesn’t have to feel like a chore.


Electrolux washer front load 8.0kG

This Electrolux front load washer gives your clothes the care they deserve. The Vapour Action program helps freshen and revive clothes, using vapour – instead of water or detergent – to remove creases and odours. The certified Woolmark Woollen cycle was created specifically for wool garments that are machine washable. The Silent Inverter Motor ensures you don’t have to hear the machine when it’s on.

The latest Electrolux clothes dryers use sensor dry precision to gently dry garments. There’s a wide range settings, so even delicates can be tumbled. The new clean filter indicator also makes it easier ti check that your dryer is running at its best.


Electrolux Vented Electronic Clothes Dryer 6kG

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