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What temperature should my fridge be?

Regularly checking the fridge temperature is not just a matter of fridge maintenance, it’s important because improperly-stored produce goes off quickly and can cause food poisoning.

So, what temperature should your fridge be set to in the first place?

The NSW Food Authority advises that the optimum temperature for a home fridge is between 0°C and 5°C. Too close to 0°C and you might freeze your lovely fresh produce, while too close to 5°C and food will deteriorate quicker, inviting bacteria to breed.

Therefore, go for around 3°C – this temperature will keep your fridge within the boundaries of the risk zone, and is also the best energy saving temperature, according to the CSIRO.

There’s also an ideal setting for the freezer and, no, it’s not just “Freezing”! The optimal freezer temperature is actually in the range of -15°C and -18°C.

Protect your family from foodborne illness and install a fridge thermometer for the most accurate temperature readings.

Extra fridge and freezer food safety tips

• Stuffing your fridge to the brim will obstruct the airflow, meaning the fridge has to work harder to maintain its set temperature
• We know it’s difficult, especially if you’ve got a big household and cook often, but try keep fridge door opening and closing to a minimum so cold air doesn’t escape
• Store “high-risk foods” (raw and cooked meat, egg products, smallgoods, seafood) on the bottom two shelves at the back where it’s coldest
• Items kept in the fridge door are most exposed to a warmer temperature, so these compartments are best for condiments and butter
• Ensure all items are sealed in air-tight containers or wrapping, even in the freezer as poorly-packed items are susceptible to freezer burn

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