Betta Advice: How to choose the right fridge door

Choosing a particular style of fridge is as much about internal storage as it is about the aesthetic and fitting the kitchen space available. At some point, almost everyone has wished for more room in their fridge or freezer, so this article is dedicated to explaining the differences between fridge types, and how that impacts their storage.


Top Mount

The top mount is the typical fridge design. The “mount” refers to where the freezer sits on the unit, which is on top of the fridge compartment, in this case. This puts everything in the freezer at eye level, and allows for extra storage in both the fridge and freezer doors.
With a top mount, the only real drawback here is the lower sections of the fridge, which require leaning down or squatting to access. For anyone with limited mobility, a bottom mount unit may be a better solution.

Refrigerator Bottom Mount 505 Litre

Bottom Mount

There’s a little more to a bottom mount fridge than just a freezer on the bottom. The freezer compartment is segmented into drawers, which roll out for easier access. Generally speaking, bottom mounts offer greater freezer space than a top mount, but every unit is different, so it’s important to look at how the drawers are structured! Up top, everything in the fridge is elevated, close to eye-level and much easier to access, which means it’s easier to keep organised too!
With regards to overall unit size, both top and bottom mount fridges generally take up the same amount of space. 

Refrigerator Bottom Mount 519 Litre


French Doors

French door units are a lot like bottom mounts, but with extra width where it counts! Two French doors on the fridge section allow for a lot more storage and mean nothing monopolises a whole shelf, except for the largest of party platters. Down below is the freezer section, which also benefits from the extra width of the overall unit.
Plenty of French door models also feature ice makers and water dispensers. These are great features, but they do take up some permanent storage space in the fridge, which is one more factor to consider when making a purchase.

French Door

Side By Side

Unlike all other models, side by side units have a full length fridge and freezer sitting beside one another. Storage capacity is generally quite large, and it makes everything in freezer equally easily accessible as the fridge compartment.

Refrigerator Bottom Mount 505 Litre

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