How to get rid of pet hair

FAQ: How to get rid of pet hair    

We love our pets and treat them like family members. They are eagerly awaiting us when we get home after work, and some even have the luxury of being able to take their dog into the office every day.

As much as we love them, when spring comes around they have this nasty habit of losing what feels like ten times their weight in hair. Some of them just loose a consistent amount of hair all the time.

Within days it looks like you didn’t vacuum in a year. Every piece of clothing you put on has to go through a thorough tape roller clean before you leave the house, and when you cuddle your furry friend, it feels like you just cuddled a ball of loose hair that now sticks to your face. 

cat ashamed of pet hair mess

There is not silver bullet that’ll make pet hair magically disappear or stop your pet from shedding (even though there are special races of pets that do not lose hair).

So what can you actually do about it?

Your secret weapon: Rubber!

Rubber brooms, rubber gloves and even rubber soles of shoes can do miracles collecting hair around your house from furniture, carpet and clothing. For your floor, use a rubber broom to collect hair into a ball, then follow with the vacuum. For furniture and clothing, rubber gloves work great to collect hair – often better than using a vacuum!

Tape/hair rollers are your best friend

Keep one handy close to your entry door, in the car, and maybe even on the go. You can even DIY and use duct tape and wrap it around the roll the other way!

Adjust to your pet

Some pet owners are as obsessive as to choosing floors that match their pet’s hair colour to make it less obvious, or completely stop wearing black because hair is most obvious on this one. But you don’t need to go into such extremes – simple things like keeping clothes out of reach of pets, covering up furniture or floor with blankets or similar, or even dressing your pet can help.

Brush, wash and groom your pet

Helping your pet shed and brushing them outside the house will help reduce the amount of hair inside. Baths and grooming sessions shop around and experiment to find the best brush for your pet’s hair type. If you pet leaves stains, there’s handy little helpers for that, too!

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