How to clean hardwood floors

FAQ: How to clean hardwood floors     

Different kinds of floors need different kinds of cleaning. Hardwood floors have the reputation to be high maintenance because dirt is visible straight away and doesn’t ‘disappear’ like with carpet. We’ve put together the best tips on how to keep your floors clean and healthy.

Vacuum often, but be careful not to damage your floor

Vacuuming or sweeping regularly is important with wood floors. Experts say it needs to be done daily, but take extra care to use the right setting on your vacuum. Rotating brushes can scratch your floor, so make sure you turn those off when going over your wood floor. Upright vacuums are best because you won’t drag a barrel along the floor which could cause scratching as well.

Water and Wood don’t Mix well

Water can seriously damage your wood floors, so you’re better off using a barely damp mop. Most of your cleaning should be done dry – avoid mopping wet at any cost!

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The vinegar myth

Vinegar is said to be a good DIY and eco-friendly way of cleaning floors, but it is acid and will dull your wood floor over time and is actually not recommended. There are water-based and oil-based wooden floors, so it’s best for you to ask for the best way to clean your floor when buying it.

Clean spills up immediately

The longer the dirt sits on the floor, the harder it is to get off and the easier it actually gets for you to scratch the surface in the process of cleaning.

Protect your floor

Use rugs and carpets to protect high traffic areas and avoid furniture scratching the surface by applying felt floor protectors. Don’t place plant pots directly on the floor and make sure you take off your shoes (especially heels!) and trim your pet’s nails.

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