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Which vacuum cleaner should I buy for my home? 

Choosing the right vacuum is important, as it generally represents a significant appliance purchase for the home. Of course, so many different styles of vacuum don’t exactly make drilling down the choice easy. However, there are a few easy questions to consider before making a settling on a particular model:

What are your floors made of?

Homes with mostly hardwood, tile or laminate floors will be cleaned well by all high-suction vacuums. It’s with carpet that the choice becomes more complex. Low-pile carpets are thin, and don’t trap dirt and dust quite as thoroughly as their thicker counterparts. However, the more plush carpets in homes require some special vacuum assistance to maintain their softness.

A vacuum on a high suction setting won’t work as well on a thick carpet as it would on most other surfaces, as the added resistance decreases the performance. A thick carpet demands a vacuum that is adjustable, in suction strength and height of the brush head. This will help the vacuum glide along the surface and pick up dirt, reducing the effort required for cleaning.

How big is your home?

Obviously a larger home means more floors to keep clean. But it also means more storage space for a potentially larger, heavier duty vacuum cleaner, whereas apartment living often means the opposite.

Choose a vacuum that fits your storage needs, as well as your flooring. For example, an upright vacuum cleaner may be best for smaller spaces, compared to a barrel vacuum for a larger house. Ultimately, however, this is very much a personal choice.

Do you have pets that shed?

Cats and dogs that live indoors can leave a tremendous amount of hair around the home, making a high quality vacuum an absolute necessity. Many vacuum models have been specifically designed with allergens in mind, and trap fibres like pet hair more readily than others. Models with these features will usually be highlighted, so be on the lookout.

Another option for those with pets is the handheld vacuum, for quick clean-ups of upholstered surfaces like sofas and chairs. Robotic vacuum cleaners are also a solid option, as they can be run daily to brush up pet hair, with very little effort!

Choosing the Vacuum

Of course, these are all simple guidelines to help you make a choice. Ultimately, testing out a vacuum will help you find the right fit. 

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