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What vacuum cleaner works best on carpet?

It might not be everyone’s favourite thing to spend time on, but regular vacuuming is a very good thing for carpets. It keeps them free of dust and dirt, helps to prevent odour build-up, and ensures the fibres look better for longer. All that adds up to a cleaner, happier and healthier home. So, how best to keep those floors clean

Choosing a Vacuum

A barrel vacuum is a great choice for anyone with a lot of carpet in their home.  The barrel is able to generate more suction than other models, meaning nothing gets left behind. Plus, barrel vacuums are generally more versatile cleaners than their upright counterparts, thanks to a slew of attachment. This includes powerful brush heads on some models, which rotate while vacuuming to dislodge any nasties in the carpet.

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Barrel vacuums do get a bad rap sometimes for being awkward to move around the house, dragged around on by the hose. To make regular cleaning easier, choose a model that’s manoeuvrable, so it’s less likely to get stuck in doorways or on furniture.

For those who prefer an upright vacuum, choose a larger model; preferably one with a guarantee against suction loss.

Adjusting the Suction

One of the most important things to know when vacuuming carpet is that more suction is not always a good thing. Flat, low-pile carpets are simple to vacuum, as they have shorter fibres and are not quite so prone to trapping dirt. It’s the plush, high-pile carpets that present more of a cleaning challenge.

When using a barrel vacuum on thick carpet, adjust the height of the brush if possible, and lower the suction. This will help the head move through the carpet for freely, as there is no excess suction to hold onto fibres.  

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