What size washing machine do I need?

Washing machines range in size from 2kg all the way up to 15kg so choosing the right one for you and your home can be difficult.

Before we get started, let’s define what we mean by washing machine ‘size’. A washing machine’s size is actually its drum’s capacity, in kilograms i.e. the maximum weight of dry laundry that it can hold. It’s important to make note of and follow your washing machine’s prescribed capacity because overstuffing it can accelerate the wear and tear of the motor. Also, when clothes are squashed inside the drum, they don’t get cleaned as well because the water doesn’t have enough room to rinse thoroughly.


Small, medium, large and extra large

Like most other whitegoods, choosing the right size washing machine is dependent on the amount of people it’s going to serve and what their needs are. To make matters easier, let’s divide the range of washer sizes into four categories: small, medium, large and extra large.


Small washing machines: 2kg – 5.5kg

These are suitable for people living on their own or couple households who don’t do much washing.


Euromaid 5kg Front Load Washing Machine WM5



Medium washing machines: 6kg – 8kg

These are suitable for growing families or households of two or three people who have a lot to wash.



Fisher & Paykel 8kg Top Load Washing Machine WA8060G1 


Large washing machines: 8kg - 10kg

This is the smartest option for a large household of four or more. If you are a young family, but know your brood is going to grow, you may want to invest in a large washer now. The main advantage of this size is that it allows you to do bigger loads less frequently, which could save you water, energy and even laundry powder/liquid consumption in the long run.


LG 10kg Front Load Washing Machine WD1410SBW 

Extra large washing machines: 12kg+

 These are suitable for large households who are wanting to wash fewer loads throughout the week.   

 LG 15kg Front Load Washer Dryer Combo WD12595FD6

Measure and measure again

But before you do anything – walk into a store, start browsing online – you should measure how much space you have available for a washing machine. Particularly if you’re going for a bigger washer or buying one for a new home where you aren’t familiar with the dimensions and laundry configuration. Also consider how the machine will be positioned and it what direction its door should open.

In many instances taking this step first will help narrow down your selection before you even step outside your front door or start looking on the web. For example, there’s no use looking at a large washing machine if your laundry nook will only fit a small one. 

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