FAQ: Which Washing Machine will allow me to add an Extra Garment during the Cycle?

Most front load washing machines are locked once you press the power button, which is a good thing because it means that your kiddo can’t just walk up and open the door and spill water everywhere. But it also can be a little inconvenient because Australians all across the country usually forget at least one garment when loading the washing machine at some point. Luckily, some washing machine manufacturers have a built in system that allows you to do exactly that!

Fisher & Paykel on the Forefront

Fisher & Paykel have a lot of really great and useful features that have propelled the laundry appliance market to the future. Not only are they based in Australia and New Zealand, the company also seems to know exactly what its consumers need. Newer Fisher & Paykel models have a range of different programs that wash your garments reliably in under 60 minutes, some of them even in as little as 15 minutes for a small load. That’s seriously handy for a busy family.

Washing Machine Add Garment

Image Source: Fisher & Paykel

On top of the different programs, this and this front loader offer you the so called “Add a Garment” option which allows you to add (or remove) any garment to the washing machine mid-cycle. No more stopping the machine, waiting around for the water to drain and the door to unlock, the Fischer & Paykel models do this incredibly fast and efficient, making this a truly useful feature.

How About Top Loaders?

Top loading washing machines don’t usually cause water to leak everywhere as soon as the door opens. But most of these machines still have a lock so the top doesn’t accidentally open during the washing program. The vast majority of older top loaders and every new, modern machine has a little button that manually unlocks the door, even during washing cycle. While this allows you to quickly add a small garment or two, it might be more difficult to remove something once it’s wet and twisted around the drum.

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