How do Washer Dryer Combos work?

No other laundry appliance offers greater convenience than a washer-dryer combo. The entire process, from washing to drying is carried with one button press in a single cycle. That’s why they’re great for overnight use: there’s no need to transfer from one machine to the other!

The convenience of the all-inclusive cycle does come with a trade-off, however. A single cycle can take around 2.5 to 3 hours to fully complete, which is longer than using a top loader and a ventilated dryer together. However, a washer-dryer combo always allows the option of only completing one half of the cycle. This means clothes can be washed in the energy efficient front-loading machine, and then hung out to dry in the sun. Alternatively, items can be hand-washed and then placed in the machine to dry!  

One of the common points of confusion with washer-dryer combo is just how they work. That confusion comes from one main question: how does the water from the wash get drained away thoroughly enough to allow the dryer the function? The answer is that despite its appearance, the dryer component of the machine isn’t a tumble dryer – it’s a condenser dryer!

Condenser dryers don’t rely on hot air and tumble motion to dry clothes; they condense moisture out of them instead. This makes them much gentler on clothes overall. However, they also take longer than an average ventilated dryer to complete a drying cycle. 

Washer-dryer combos are beloved by apartment dwellers and those with limited laundry space, since they demand only half the space of the traditional laundry setup. One important note: as a front-loading combination, the machine cannot be wall-mounted.

However, it does the leave the top of it free to rest the laundry basket on!

From an efficiency standpoint, washer-dryer combos have the benefits of front-loading washers, meaning that they use much less water and energy than top loaders. However, their generally small size means the loads they can handle are generally smaller too. For

 families that have a significant amount of traffic through the laundry, a traditional washer and dryer setup will continue to be the way to go. Singles or couples however, with less to wash, a combo is an excellent, efficient and convenient addition to the home.

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