How do I best use my dryer and minimise any potential safety hazards?

Vented dryers are incredibly popular in Australia, and have been for decades. A staple of the home, it’s important to understand how best to use the dryer, to minimise any potential safety hazards. In this article are some of the main tips for keeping safe in the laundry:

Keep It Clean

The lint filter is the part of vented clothes dryers most people would be familiar with. It’s easily accessible, because it’s designed to be cleaned frequently. This filter is where lint from drying loads is collected. The filter is necessary for proper drying, but can become a fire hazard if not emptied regularly, as it stops the dryer from venting properly.

For better drying and reduced risk, clean the filter frequently – before or after each load if possible.

Pay Attention to the Cycles

A change in operation can signify a greater issue in the dryer. If you’re noticing that loads are taking longer to dry, it’s worth getting the unit looked at by a professional service person, or at least contact the manufacturer for troubleshooting.

Though it may be easier to simply wait to see if the issue corrects itself, any potential risk of fire that can be minimised is worth the time and effort.

Dryer Safety 

Let Loads Cool Down

Every cycle on a vented clothes dryer ends with a cool down of the load and the whole unit. While it can be tempting to simply pull clothes out at this point, it’s better to let the cycle run fully, as it will vent the heat from a load, as well as the dryer itself.

Be at Home, Be Awake

The unlikely event of a fire can have much bigger consequences if it happens when no one is home, or if the family is asleep while the dryer runs at night. So, the clothes dryer should only be run while everyone is at home, and alert.

Safety Features

Most dryers are made with a range of safety features, all designed to minimise any risk involved in using them.  The thermostat heater protects against overheating, ensuring the unit will shut off automatically if it passes a certain temperature. There’s also the child lock feature, which can protect little ones when a dryer isn’t wall-mounted. 

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