Key tech - Pyrolitic oven

It may sound like something out of a dream but the ability to clean your entire oven with just the touch of a button is very real! 

This reality is a pyrolitic oven, an otherwise regular oven that has a specially-designed self-cleaning system built into it. A pyrolitic cleaning system works by heating the oven up to an extremely high temperature of around 500°C, which oxidizes stubborn residue and grime and turns it into ash that can then be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth. All racks, shelving and oven accessories need to be removed before starting this cleaning process. Another important thing to note is that the inside of the oven door needs to be cleaned manually before the pyrolitic process is started, otherwise the glass will discolour.

Pyrolitic Oven

As well as being convenient, pyrolitic ovens are safer in the long-term because you won’t need to use harsh chemicals to clean the oven anymore. Also, pyrolitic oven doors are typically triple or quadruple-glazed so they are cool to touch even while the oven is on. 
Some models even offer different settings for pyrolitic cleaning, so you can choose a cleaning level depending on how dirty your oven is. Another feature available in some models is a time delay function that allows you to set the pyrolitic process to start at a more convenient time, such as during the day while you’re at work or even overnight while you sleep!

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