What’s the Best Way to Stack My Dishwasher?

The dishwasher is the mother of kitchen convenience, saving countless hours at the sink, and pairs upon pairs of dishpan hands. To get the most out of a dishwasher, however, it’s worth knowing how to stack it properly.

A well stacked load in a dishwasher has two main advantages over a poorly stacked one:

        1.  It will fit more dishes
        2.  Each dish will be cleaned as thoroughly as it can be.

With that in mind, here are some tips for stacking the dishwasher:

Follow the Dishwasher Guide

All dishwashers are laid out with either two or three racks. The bottom is for plates and heavier items, where the second rack is for glasses, mugs and smaller items. The third rack is a cutlery drawer, specifically for knives, forks and spoons.

To this end, try not to place glasses in the bottom rack, or plates vice versa where possible. This will help every item get the optimal clean.


Try Stacking Combinations

Everyone’s kitchen is different, and so the way plates, glasses and other items all fit together will always change from home to home. To know what works best, move the most commonly used pieces around the dishwasher to see how they fit together. Mugs and glasses may take up less space when arranged in a specific manner, and the same goes for plates.

Spray Paths

Remember that every item in the dishwasher needs an unobstructed path for water to spray through in order to remove food. When stacked incorrectly, plates or bowls can seal off this path, making a proper clean impossible.

Don’t Overdo It

After a big family meal, it can be tempting to simply load up everything in the dishwasher, even it’s a little more than the appliance can handle. Things can be made to fit, but that’s not conducive to a thorough clean.

Stack the dishwasher according to the amount of place settings specified in the manual, with space for water to move around, as shown in the previous tip.

Follow these tips for better clean each time with your dishwasher, and to cut down on repeat-washing!

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