Betta Advice: Microwaves

Microwaves are a kitchen staple; as essential as a fridge or a stove. They create real convenience, and help to streamline the simple things, like reheating food or defrosting ingredients, right up to cooking full meals. Typically, there are two types of microwaves: microwave ovens and convection microwaves. Between them, there are some significant differences, and this article will explain them.

The Convection Difference

The big difference between a regular microwave and a convection microwave is the cooking functionality. A regular microwave creates heat inside food, and cooks them through. However, without a grill or fan-forced heat, the food doesn’t brown. A convection microwave changes this, using convection to circulate air and cook food more like a traditional oven. That means that you have both elements (heat from inside out and outside-in) working in tandem to cook food quickly and thoroughly.

In essence, a traditional microwave is a tool to assist in recipe preparation, whereas a convection oven is an appliance that can also be used to cook a recipe. To be clear, recipes can be cooked in a traditional microwave, but it’s the crisping and browning that makes all the difference.  

Choosing a Traditional Microwave

At the lowest end of price range can be found the base models, which are perfect for those who aim only to heat up their leftovers and other small serves. From there, models become more advanced as they have larger capacity, a greater array of cooking and heating features and, of course, more power.

Choosing a Convection Microwave

Convection units have a more standard set of features and so don’t range quite so much in price as a regular microwave.

Safety Features

Placement of a microwave is key for anyone with small children. Little hands tend to like opening and closing of the doors, placing the microwave out of reach is preferable. Otherwise, all microwaves have child lock features, which prevent the door from being opened.

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