Which console for motion control gaming?

The Nintendo Wii started the motion-control revolution. Wii is a gaming console with a wireless controller that can be used as a handheld pointing device and detects movement in three dimensions. Since the launch in 2006, more than 75 million Wii’s have been sold worldwide.

With a four year head-start on the competition, the Wii is a safe bet. It has a huge library of games to choose from and is the cheapest of the three options. It is, however, also the least technically impressive of the three consoles.

PlayStation Move is based on a handheld motion controller wand. The console uses a camera to track the wand’s position and sensors in the wand to detect its motion. Move was launched in Australia in September 2010. Worldwide more than 4 million Moves had been sold by year end.

The Move wand tracks your actions and turns them into precise onscreen movements, such as punches, sword strokes and tennis racket swings. The Move wand also has regular controller buttons for shooting games that require you to pull a trigger. Move can be viewed as an evolution of the Wii. It allows for greater precision than the Wii, which translates to more complex and intuitive gaming.

Xbox Kinect is gaming without the controller. An advanced webcam-style sensor for the Xbox 360 enables you to control and interact with the console without touching a game controller. Instead Kinect picks up gestures, spoken commands or presented objects or images. Kinect was launched in Australia in November 2010 and had sold more than 2.5 million worldwide by year end.

Kinect requires more physical action than the two other consoles. Your body is the controller so you’re using arms, legs, feet and hands which can lead to some very energetic gaming sessions. If you would like to exercise while you play, Kinect is definitely the best choice. Kinect is also more likely to be of interest to non-gamers which makes it supremely family friendly.

As the newest of the three consoles the amount of games available is still limited. But there will be more in near future.

Wii is the safe choice with lots of games available and the lowest price tag. Kinect is the newest and most advanced option…and the best if you want to get fit while you play. There are still relatively few games available but this is sure to change as Kinect is selling in its millions. Move sits in between the two. It has a wider variety of games than Kinect and offers a more intuitive and precise experience than the Wii.

Our best advice is to try Kinect, Move and Wii at your local Betta Electrical. All three consoles are great fun…it’s gaming for the whole family, not just for kids or hard core gamers.

Good luck!

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