What do you think about voice over internet protocol (VOIP) technology?

VOIP is basically using your internet data connection to make voice calls without incurring normal telephone charges. You obviously still have to pay for your data but for most this is a monthly charge for their internet. There are a large number of consumers who are also already using VOIP when they use Skype Video Conferencing. This technology is still in relatively early stages of development when compared to our normal telephone line technology (PSTN), and while concerns are primarily around call quality and what savings you can make using VOIP there is a place for VOIP. As call quality can vary from extremely good to quite poor (echo and jitter) depending on the data connection you have to the internet at the time, we recommend not using VOIP in a business application. Ideally VOIP is suited to connecting internally between multiple businesses that you may own, or between your home and your business, or between your home and frequently called friends or relatives who will happily tolerate a loss in call quality if it takes place. The best use of VOIP technology is when you are staying in touch with people overseas or where call costs are quite expensive. Many laptops come with a webcam now so all you need is an internet connection to get up and running. If your PC or laptop doesn’t have a webcam you can purchase a good quality webcam from one of our stores for as little as $80. There are now also cordless phones that incorporate VOIP so that you don’t need a separate handset to make VOIP calls. Any technology that makes keeping in touch with friends and family easier and cheaper has to be a good thing.

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