FAQ: Should I Get a Tablet?

The question of whether or not to get a tablet has a lot to with how you would use the device. So, in aid of answering this question, we’ve outlined four separate use-cases, to show what a tablet means for each of them, and to help influence the decision making process.

In this article, we refer mainly to standalone tablets, which are at the lower end of the price scale. However, there are also 2-in-1 notebooks available, which function as both notebook and tablet.


Education is serious business, and the right tools help to make every student’s life easier. A tablet is one of those tools, going hand-in-hand with a notebook computer. This is because high school and university require both reading and writing in spades, and each devices is more suited to one than the other.

For note-taking in lectures, collaboration in the classroom and essay-writing in the library, a physical keyboard is the best bet. For required reading and e-textbooks, however, a tablet makes life a lot easier. Depending on the device, there are also a range of apps available that can aid with study, exam prep, day-to-day work, depending on your discipline. Multi-tasking with both is a nice little bonus too, with notes on one screen and a word processor on the other.


A tablet is well-suited to people who travel for work, and need an accessible and simply way to show information to people. Fast-start time and minimal lag means your work is ready to show immediately, without the waiting that often occurs with a laptop. 


For anyone predominantly interested in browsing the web, watching TV and movies or playing games, a tablet is very well suited. It’s light, it’s portable and you can curl up just about anywhere with it (if you’re going to hold it above your face while you’re in bed though, try not to drop it).


Kids have always loved gadgets, but a tablet is far more than just a movie player or a glorified Gameboy. While they can watch their favourite shows and films with it, there are also a plethora of creative and education apps developed specifically for kids, so they can learn and play at the same time.

The Verdict

In all of the above cases, tablets are shown to be fantastic, versatile tools. Owning one is a great experience, and you’re likely to use it in ways you hadn’t initially imagined.

It’s important to note, however, that a tablet can’t replace a notebook or desktop computer in every way. For those occasions when you need to download a file, or access an older website, a computer is absolutely necessary.  

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