Whether you’re in the market for a smartphone or tablet, choosing a device can be tricky. While they have a lot of similar features, the rivalry between iOS and Android can prove impenetrable for some.

iOS devices are great pieces of tech, and their best features are well documented. In this article, we take a look at some of the best advantages Android has over iOS.

iOS VS Andriod

Choice and Customisation

iOS devices are made exclusively by Apple, with a new version releasing every 12 months. That doesn’t give you a lot of scope for choice when it comes to choosing the kind of device and features you want.

Android devices on the other hand are made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes by different manufacturers, which makes it easier to find a device more suited to your needs and price point.

Google Integration

One of the most enjoyable, and functional features about Android devices is the deep integration with Google and its services. Far more than just a search engine, Google can do everything from tracking an online purchase to translating a sign in a foreign language. It’s also got a suite of tools like Drive and Picasa, which can store your files and photos respectively.

Being another Google product, Android systems seamlessly connect to all of these tools; something that’s hard to do with Google on iOS.

Expandable Storage

When you buy an iOS device, you’re stuck with the amount of storage built into the system. In contrast, most Android devices have space for memory cards, which makes expanding storage simple and cost-effective.


Due in part to the above point about storage, Android devices often cost significantly less than their Apple counterparts. This is not a blanket rule, however; there are many sophisticated high-end Android devices that cost as much or more than iOS devices.


It’s something of a running joke with tech-enthusiasts that Apple ‘borrows’ features from Android phones. It’s an idea with some ground to it – swipe-down notifications, low-power mode and multi-tasking were all things you could do with Android well-before iOS. 

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