Time for a new computer. Desktop, laptop, netbook or tablet?

Buying a computer used to be fairly easy. If you used it from a fixed location and needed a bit of power, you’d buy a desktop. If you needed to move your computer around and could do with less power, a laptop was for you. Along came the netbook – essentially a small laptop – and changed the game. And now everybody’s talking about the tablet computer. Small wonder you’re confused…but we’ll try and sort it out for you.

It’s still pretty clear when you need a desktop computer. If you don’t have to move your computer around, the desktop will give you more power for your dollar than any other option. For serious gaming, as a media server or for crunching heavy numbers this is the best option. If you’re sitting behind a desk when using your computer, it’s the most comfortable too.

But laptop computers can be big performers as well. With displays up to 17”, powerful processors, graphics cards, etc. some of them are right up there with the desktop computer when it comes to power. It does come at a higher cost, however, and the larger and more powerful laptop you want, the less portable it gets.

This leads us to the netbook computer. Essentially a small laptop with a display up to 12”, it is ultra portable but less powerful than a laptop. Some netbooks easily fit into a handbag or even a pocket and they are great for surfing the web, watching a movie or other ‘light duties’. They were never meant for hours and hours of serious gaming or as your main work computer. However, all laptop computers are getting smaller, lighter and thinner so even the netbook is starting to pack quite a punch in spite of its petite body.

Then there’s the tablet computer made famous by Apple’s iPad. In portability it rivals the netbook but the lack of a keyboard makes it a less obvious choice if you want to edit documents or similar. For viewing purposes, however, it’s fantastic.
The choice is yours but have a chat to your local Betta Electrical before you make a decision. We’ll show you all options and give you advice based on your personal circumstances. Good luck!

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