There are iPod docking stations from no money up to a thousand or more dollars how do I choose one that’s right for me

First you’ll have to ask yourself what you want to use your iPod docking station for. Docking stations come as small stereos, designed simply as a docking station with speakers, clock radios, portable CD radios, digital radios, micro systems, home theatre systems, AV receivers... if it has a docking station for an iPod, it’s by definition an iPod docking station.


Where will you be using it?

If you want to use your docking station on the go, make sure it’s small in size and has handles so you can carry it around. Needless to say, you should look for one that can run on batteries as well as mains power – rechargeable batteries are more economical in the long run.

An iPod station for the bedside would have to be small enough to fit on your bedside table and you probably don’t need big sound either. Most people use it to fall asleep and wake up to their favourite playlists.

Big sound is what you need for your living room. Look for powerful, high quality speakers that can do the job no matter what’s the occasion. You could consider a surround sound AV receiver with remote control so that you can control the tunes from a distance.


Make sure it fits

The size and shape of iPods, iPhones and iPads change with each generation and different types require different connections. Make sure the docking station fits your model…or buy an adaptor if it doesn’t. You can usually connect another brand of MP3 player to your docking station with an audio jack, but it won’t charge the MP3 player.


Sound and controls

Assuming you access good quality audio files (e.g. iTunes), the quality of speakers will determine the quality of sound from your docking station. Depending on what you want to use your docking station for, listen for rich sound, plenty of bass, no echo or ‘tin can’ sound…turn up the volume and make sure the sound is loud and clear. The buttons should be easy to operate and work with your iPod menu…some docking stations come with a remote control as well.

Check out some of your options here or visit your local Betta Electrical. We are happy to show you all the options and give you all the advice you need. Good luck!

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