How run your air conditioner without running up your electricity bill

Summer loving can have you a blast, but not if your electricity bill tells you otherwise. On sweltering hot days, we truly understand why you would rather prefer to kick back in front of an air conditioner rather than tan at a beach – that’s why we’ve combined some of the best tips on how to enjoy more air-con for less money.

Air Con

 1.       Protect your air-conditioner unit
Did you know that air conditioner units placed in direct sunlight can use up to 10% more electricity than those that aren’t? Be sure to place your unit in the shade, where trees sit nearby so that your air conditioner can be protected from the rays of the sun.

 2.       Ensure unit is regularly maintained
Maintaining the quality of your air conditioner isn’t as difficult as it sounds – in fact, you can probably do it yourself! A couple hours of cleaning, changing and lubricating can make a big difference to the power of your air-con. If not, then you can always get it professionally checked. A specialist can always determine if the unit is running to its full potential.

3.       Close all doors and windows
How many times have you turned on your air-con without taking notice of the open windows around your house? Be sure to always keep windows and doors shut as you are cooling the house, otherwise it would be redundant.

4.       Shade all windows from direct sunlight
This may seem like a silly tip, but it actually makes a big difference. Shading your windows with curtains can reduce heart absorption by up to 80%, especially during summer. Doing so will not only lower the temperature of your house, but the air conditioner wouldn’t have to run at the power than what previously was at.




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