5 Things to Consider before Buying a New Air Conditioner

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Summer is almost here and things are heating up! Rather than spending your summer sweating on the couch, fanning yourself with a magazine in front of Home and Away re-runs, keep your home comfortably cool with an air conditioning unit. Once you’ve decided to take the leap and enter the market for a new air conditioner, there are a few things to consider – like which model, brand and features best suit your household needs. But before you start pulling your hair, or worse, make an ill-informed purchase before weighing your options, we have compiled a list of things to think over. It’ll save you some stress and ensure that you get more value for money.

What type of air conditioner do I need?

Just like trying on a pair of shoes, when it comes to selecting an air conditioning unit you must find the right fit for you. Whether you’re looking to cool your entire home, office or even a single room, there is a model for every preference and the three main types include: split system, portable and window and wall air conditioners.

panasonic split system air conditionerDesigned for large spaces or offices, Split System Air Conditioners are split into two parts (indoor and outdoor). The wall-mounted indoor system disperses cool air about the room, while the outdoor unit dissipates the heat from the cool area. Generally, these models are often the most cost-effective, low maintenance and feature-packed cooling option.

nobo portable air conditionerFor those looking to cool their home without having to install a permanent fixture, a Portable Air Conditioning Unit is perfect. Their compact size and portable design means you can move from room to room and they filter the air while they cool the space – which is beneficial for allergy sufferers.

teco window wall air conditionerSuited to urban dwellers and apartment owners, the Window and Wall Air Conditioners ensure superior performance without taking up much-needed space. Once installed, they require little maintenance and they are the most affordable cooling option. 

What size should I choose?

In the instance of choosing an appropriate air conditioner, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Just because an air conditioner physically fits inside your home doesn’t make it the right size for the space. If you don't have the appropriate sized unit for the area you want to cool, you'll face problems down the road.

For instance, if an air conditioning unit is undersized it will not only face the problem of being unable to cool the entire space, but it will also be forced to operate for longer periods. This will put an increasing amount of strain on the unit, leading to further issues and an inevitable shortening of its lifespan. Similarly, installing an oversized cooling system will generate too much output for the space and will short cycle – which means that the system will shut off before the cycle is complete. This will result in future problems and the unit will deteriorate faster.

Prolonging the lifespan of your air conditioner can be as simple as using one of the many dedicated calculators out there to determine what size unit you require. Taking in to consideration the size of your room, ceiling height, whether or not your ceiling is insulated, the total area of external windows and walls and window size, these calculators will estimate the capacity needed to cool a single room.

What is an Energy Efficiency rating?

As air conditioners account for most of the energy use in Australian homes, household air conditioning units must meet energy efficiency requirements and carry an Energy Star Rating Label. Developed as a means of reducing greenhouse gases and consumer energy bills, air conditioners earn Energy Stars based on their energy-efficiency, performance and value for money. The higher the star rating the better, because it indicates its energy-efficiency and thus, more savings on electricity bills in the long term.  

What features and functions should I look for?

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Before making an impulse purchase, ensure that you remain mindful of the specific features and functions you are looking for in an air conditioner – like a like a filtration system or an adjustable fan speed. Brands such as LG, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Kelvinator are loaded with intelligent features to bring some convenience to your cooling system.

For example, if you’re looking for an air conditioner that won’t interrupt your sleep, most Mitsubishi air conditioners feature a ‘quiet mode’ that allows for near-silent operation. There are savings to be had on your electricity bill when you purchase an LG air conditioner, because they include a standby mode that reduces your energy consumption. You can also breathe easy knowing the BioFresh filtration system within Kelvinator units are purifying and sanitising the air while they cool the room.

Many air conditioners within the Betta range are designed to complement our busy modern lifestyles, as they offer Wi-Fi compatibility – meaning you can control them from your smartphone or tablet.

Installing your air conditioner hints and tips

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Purchasing your air conditioner is the easy part, now it’s time to install it. You may believe that you can install it yourself, but please refrain from doing so unless you’re a licensed technician – otherwise, you might damage the expensive air conditioning unit due to incorrect wiring or mishandling.

Firstly, when installing an air conditioner, you must be mindful of your requirement. If it’s a window or wall air conditioner, it’ll need proper wiring and mounting on the wall, in which case you should contact licensed installer for a quote. As the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) requires all technicians hold a Refrigeration & Air Conditioning license or a restricted license for split system air conditioners, you must ensure that it’s installed by a licensed professional.

Finally, decide where you plan to install your unit and make sure there is plenty of room for it. Keep in mind there are several factors that will affect the installation price, including: the model and size of your air conditioner, amount of cable ducting and refrigeration piping required and possible upgrades to your switchboard.

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold! This is exactly how your home will feel this summer, when you install your new air conditioning unit. If you’re feeling inspired to make a purchase, then browse the Betta range of air conditioners and remain comfortable no matter what the weather!

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