Betta Advice Guide: Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

Air conditioners (AC) can provide welcome relief in the summer heat. It is a luxury to own one, but from time to time they do play up and then we run into issues. We’ve put together a helpful first aid guide for you to troubleshoot your AC.

Air Con Troubleshooting


One of the most common issue faced with air conditioners is that they freeze up in summer. There can be many reasons – a lot of the time is comes down to insufficient air flow, which is often caused by poor maintenance. When dirt builds up, it prohibits the flowing of air and causes water to get stuck.

How to fix it

Firstly, turn your air conditioner off and let the ice melt, just like defrosting your fridge. Then give your air conditioner a good clean and replace filters. That should prevent it from freezing up for a while to come!


Sometimes air conditioners start to smell – it can range from a vinegary smell to fishy and is usually caused by bacteria building up inside your air conditioner. Mould and mildew love dark, humid conditions like the inside of your AC.

How to fix it

Again, a good clean will go a long way here. A round of heating can also kill bacteria.


When your air conditioner starts dripping water, it can merely be that your AC is tilted a bit too far towards the inside of your house. It is natural that your air conditioner produces water through condensation, similar to the water on the outside of a cold glass of water. It could be more serious though, because water might also leak when your drain is clogged.

How to fix it

As mentioned, make sure your air conditioner is slightly tilted to the outside rather than to the inside of your home, and make sure your drains are clear.

Turning on or off by itself

If your air conditioner turns off without you telling it to, it’s possible that something is fundamentally wrong. This can have many reasons, one of them being that your thermostat might be broken and you may require a technician to get it fixed. It could also just come down to changing filters and cleaning your unit.

How to fix it

It’s always good to start with a rigorous clean and replacing filters, then seeing if that solves the issue. If you’re unsure in this instance though, it is best to consult a professional.

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