Key Technology: Sound Bars

TV designs are constantly evolving. While slim TVs look fantastic, their sleek design can sometimes come at the expense of sound quality. Because televisions are no longer all-encompassing units, but rather, part of a home theatre set up, TV makers do sometimes cut back on speaker quality to save space.  This means that in most cases without an external sound system, that new super slim TV won’t have great audio to match its high picture quality.

In this article, we explain sound bars – what they are, how they’re different from a full home theatre setup, and who can benefit most from them.

What is a sound bar?

A sound bar is a long, thin speaker that provides greater depth of sound than the average TV speakers. It’s generally placed in front of the TV, and functions more as an extension of the TV’s own speakers rather than a full sound system in itself. Plus most options today feature either a built in subwoofer or a separate wireless subwoofer to ensure you still get that movie cinema-like experience.

Sound Bar Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast, W/ Sub

Why choose a sound bar over a home theatre system?

Sound bars shouldn’t be compared directly with home theatre systems. Multiple, high quality speakers will always deliver better sound than a single speaker, but the cost involved is much higher. A sound bar is about enjoying higher quality audio from your TV, while not spending as much as a home theatre would require.

The investment isn’t just financial either; home theatres take time and energy to properly install, but sound bars are simple to set up. This makes them great for renters too, who may not be able to run cables for a full installation. That makes for less clutter, and a simple, elegant speaker that sits well with your existing television.

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