How to get the best digital TV reception

Have you bought a digital HD TV or a set-top box for your analogue TV? Then you're ready for the digital revolution...or so you think until the picture starts breaking into squares or disappearing. Before returning your apparently faulty equipment there's one thing you need to consider: your antenna needs to receive a quality signal to give you a quality picture.

Digital TV either works or it doesn't. You either receive a perfect picture, or no picture at all. Which of course is even more annoying than the poor analogue signal that at least gives you a hint of the action.

The antenna
You don't need a new antenna to receive digital TV. You just need a good one. And if your current analogue reception is really good chances are you don't have to do anything: just enjoy your great digital picture. If you have trouble with the signal your local antenna guy can help.

He will jump up on your roof and point the antenna straight at where the signal is coming from. Back in your lounge room he will measure the signal on your wall socket and identify which stations could be problematic. Then he's back on to the roof to adjust the antenna accordingly. If the signal is weak he will install a booster. When he's gone, it works!

Your digital tuner
The digital tuner built into your TV will give a good will any good quality set-top box. But some of the cheaper set-top boxes can struggle if the signal is not perfectly clear...or even if the signal is too strong! Cheap set-top boxes crash more often than quality set-top boxes so perhaps you could save the money for the antenna guy and just buy a quality set-top box?

Better still: upgrade to a decent size HDTV and spend a bit of money on a professional antenna install if need be. You won't believe how much better your favourite show looks on the big screen.

For further advice, have a chat to your local Betta Electrical.

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