Digital set top box – or a new TV

The good old analog TVs days are numbered: the signal has already been turned off in some areas and by 2013 it’s all over. If you want to keep using your analog TV, you’ll need a digital set-top box. Which is actually not a bad thing because a set-top box: 

  • enables widescreen TV 16:9
  • if Standard Definition, enhances picture sent to the TV by 400%
  • if High Definition, enhances picture sent to the TV by 800%
  • provides free to air channels (2x SBS, 2x Seven/Prime, 2x NINE, 2x ABC)
  • only needs a weak analog signal

A good quality High Definition digital set-top box can cost as little as $69.00. Models with in-built digital video recorder cost from $349.00.


A new TV might be a better option

In many cases you’d be better off replacing your old TV instead of buying a digital set-top box. Modern flat screen TVs are surprisingly inexpensive these days. Starting from $188 they offer a much better picture than any analog TV. They are also available in much larger screen sizes and the wafer-thin design is a pleasure to watch.

For the latest advice on how to buy a new TV, have a look here.

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