But why buy a digital radio?

"I’m looking at buying a digital radio but many of the brands are unknown to me. What would you advise me to buy?”

The new DAB+ digital radio format was launched in Australia in May 2009 and digital radio has been gaining traction in the marketplace since the launch. Initially the market was dominated by specialist and niche players but the bigger audio manufacturers are now starting to make a move. Your local Betta Electrical has options from LG, TEAC and several other major manufacturers.

But why buy a digital radio? First and foremost, digital radio offers CD-like sound quality, much better than FM. Digital radios are also easier to tune. You just choose a station by name from a menu…the digital radio automatically locks on to that signal at the push of a button.

More groundbreaking perhaps, is digital radio’s data capabilities. If you choose a digital radio with an LCD screen, you can see what song is currently playing, what station you’re on, you can receive news feeds simultaneously, phone numbers corresponding to the ad you’re listening to, album art and much more. Some digital radios have onboard storage allowing you to pause or rewind live radio.

Before you rush out to buy a digital radio, make sure your home is in a coverage area. Presently digital radio covers 62 percent of the population, mainly in the major state capitals. Many regional areas are not covered. You can check if your area has coverage and what stations are available here.

As far as digital radio in the car is concerned, don’t hold your breath. No car makers offer a sound system with digital radio capability in Australia and no aftermarket stereos have built-in digital radio functionality in them.

Your local Betta Electrical will be happy to advise you further. Good luck…digital radio is well worth looking into.

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