How to choose the right HD TV

Gone are the days of boxed television sets; HD TV’s are now revolutionising the way we watch television, with not only crisp picture displays but ultra surround sound systems. But which HD TV is right for you? Whether you’re an entertainment enthusiast or a calm critic, there’s always the right system for you at Betta.

Which size is right for me?

We understand that not all households can cater for the largest LED television. Before deciding what type of HD TV tickles your fancy, you should always take a measuring tape and see the size of the television your room can accommodate. Always remember that TV’s are also measured diagonally, so every change in the inch may reflect on both height and width measurements! Next, you should always consider the weight of your HD TV. Will your stand be sturdy enough, or will you also need a new one?

 Pixel resolution

There are currently three HD TV resolutions and depending on personal preference, either one could be an option. Though nowadays there aren’t many 720p televisions sold, the quality doubles the one of a standard definition TV, allowing you to watch HD broadcasts. Full HD TV’s are 1080p, almost double 720p and coming in five times sharper than the standard. 1080p televisions deliver clearer, stronger and richer colours, immersing you in the experience of true high definition. The newest resolution is often referred to as the 4K, with four times as much capability as the Full HD TV. An innovative revolution, though the amount of entertainment suitable for a 4K TV is scarce.

Add-on features

If the television is your holy grail at home, you might consider add-on features such as Smart TV and 3D TV. Smart TV’s are just like what their name suggests. With integrated internet connection, you can seamlessly browse the web, access social media applications and use calling platforms such as Skype direct from your TV! On a side note, you’ll never leave your couch. So long are the days of having to watch a 3D movie at the cinemas. With your very own 3D TV, just pop on the included glasses and watch your room transform to life. 

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