The NORJ collection of products are designed to endure the demands of modern life, while providing your customers aesthetics that add interest and style.

Ideal for any size project, the NORJ range is designed to provide you with innovative and practical solutions that represent outstanding value for money. 

We recognise the importance of quality and longevity and each NORJ product is subject to rigorous quality control meaning you can rest assured your project is in good hands. Each product is backed by comprehensive warranties and further backed by an Australia-wide service network and onshore parts to assist your customer in the unlikely event a service call is required.

Whether your project requires one or one hundred, we can scope NORJ products to suit your need.


Sinks & Taps

Enhance the appearance of your kitchen with a NORJ Sink and Tap, crafted from high-quality and long-lasting materials. These sinks and taps are constructed using durable stainless steel and are meticulously designed to prioritize both functionality and durability while maintaining a stylish aesthetic.



The NORJ Cooktops, Ovens, and Rangehoods are specifically created to cater to the contemporary Australian kitchen. These cooking appliances are equipped with various settings and functions, ensuring they can effortlessly integrate into any kitchen setup.



Eliminate the hassle and untidiness of dishwashing by using a NORJ Dishwasher. Engineered to meet the needs of today's Australians, this appliance offers a range of cleaning functions that effectively wash and sanitize cutlery and dishes.