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My fridge has seen better days and I need a new one, Can you point me in the right direction?

Before you start looking you need to measure the space that you want the fridge to go in. Armed with the measurements you can start hunting for the type of fridge that suits your needs. There are 5 different types:

This is the most common type. They are economically priced and the most energy-efficient to run. There is a huge range of products available and they are a good choice if price, range and efficiency are your main concerns.

This type has become more and more popular in the last 5 years or so. What you use most is at eye level and less bending down can save your back. This type can cost slightly more and generally be less energy-efficient than the freezer-on-top type. It would suit for convenience or if you want a larger freezer than generally offered by a freezer-on-top type.

This type of fridge is great for family households. They are generally larger internally which helps cater for families. Side-by-side fridges are available with different features such as ice cube and/or water dispenser (can take up a lot of space). One disadvantage of this type of fridge is that the fridge and freezer space can be quite narrow – large platters, pizza boxes and the like don’t always fit in.

French door fridge
These are similar to side-by-side fridges in size and are available with the same features. The main difference is that the fridge and freezer are split horizontally instead of vertically. This means more width in the fridge and freezer for those large platters and pizza boxes. French door fridges are quite new to the market .

Separate fridge/freezer
You could also consider buying separate but matching fridge and freezer designed to stand side by side. You’ll get a full size fridge and a full size freezer…but with a combined width of over a meter you’ll have to make sure they fit before you buy.

As a rule of thumb a family of two requires a minimum of 250-285 litres of space in the fridge – add 28.5 litres for each additional family member after that. On top of that comes freezer space. If in doubt, go for the bigger fridge – too small a fridge can be a daily annoyance.

Frost free
Frost free means the air is circulated efficiently around the appliance to prevent any build up of frost. This means no scraping ice off your freezer elements. If frost free is an option, choose it.

Energy rating
Energy efficiency is becoming more and more important. The Energy Rating label enables you to compare the energy efficiency of each fridge. Over the life of the fridge you can save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars by going for the more energy efficient option. So even if it costs more to buy an energy efficient fridge it may well be worth it in the long run.

Your local Betta Electrical has a wide range of fridges and would be more than happy to advise you further.