The Milan range offers classic leather sofas making for a beautiful addition to your home as it perfectly embodies the essence of modern city living. The lounges in the Milan range feature vintage tan leather which emits a warm and inviting feeling that will become even more beautiful over time as the natural characteristics of the leather soften and become more pronounced. The elegant lounge range has a contemporary, minimalist design that is covered in high-quality leather and supported by unique stilt-shaped brushed metal legs for a seamless addition to your home.


Milan Range

The Milan collection presents timeless leather sofas that will enhance the beauty of your home while perfectly embodying the modern city lifestyle. These sofas showcase vintage tan leather that emits a welcoming and cozy sensation that will become even more charming over time as the leather's natural characteristics become more prominent. The stylish range of lounges has a modern, simple design that is covered in premium leather and supported by one-of-a-kind brushed metal legs that seamlessly integrate into any home.


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