Mansfield Betta Home Living

Mansfield Betta Home Living

3 Chenery Street, Mansfield VIC 3722

Tel: (03) 5775 1992


Electrical Appliance stockist

Furniture & Bedding stockist

Bedding stockist

IT stockist

Jaycar Reseller

3 Chenery Street
Mansfield VIC 3722


Trading hours

Monday 09:00-05:30
Tuesday 09:00-05:30
Wednesday 09:00-05:30
Thursday 09:00-05:30
Friday 09:00-05:30
Saturday 09:00-01:00

Store Notes

Trading hours may vary on public holidays.

Please contact us directly for more details.

As locals to the Mansfield area since 1967, Stephen and Laurie Lines love the friends they’ve made within the community. The couple expanded their furniture store to be a Betta store in 2016 and currently employ five local staff members. Betta's Mansfield store has an extensive collection of home appliances, bedding and furniture to offer a complete solution for your home. The local team at Mansfield is there to assist when it comes time to purchase your next fridge, freezer, TV, kitchen or laundry appliance. The Mansfield store loves to support the local sporting teams with generous donations to 3 football clubs and the pony club. They also support the local hospital, golf trade day, all of the schools, and much more. When they’re not working hard, Stephen and Laurie enjoy a decaf cappuccino and a good meal at the Mansfield Hotel.

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