Why Choose a Steam Washing Machine?

LG’s new front load washing machines utilise steam to assist in cleaning performance and allergy care.

A single shirt is made up of thousands of interweaved fabric fibres. Like pores in your skin –dirt and bacteria can often get stuck in the small gaps, making it hard to remove.
One water droplet contains as many as 1600 steam particles.

With their small size, steam particles assist in opening up and moving through the gaps –loosening stuck odours, dirt and bacteria and in some cases dissolving them.

By softening the fibres, steam can also help remove wrinkles.

What is A.I. Direct Drive?

LG’s new A.I. Direct-Drive™ assesses both the weight and softness of your load before determining the
optimal washing pattern to use for fabric care and wash performance. A.I. Direct-Drive™ is available on Cotton,
Cotton Eco and Mixed Fabric loads.

When the drum tumbles before the wash, different levels of fabric softness provides different feedback (resistance) to the motor.

Understanding this, LG used deep learning techniques to develop an algorithm based on 20,000 washes completed in a lab. This algorithm is stored on the machine.

During the start of a cycle, the machine uses the weight and fabric softness, comparing this against the algorithm to decide on the washing pattern and 6 motions for optimal fabric care.

What is Turbo Clean 360®?

Turbo Clean 360® technology utilises four water jets that recirculate water, spraying your clothes through the wash and rinse cycle, reducing your overall wash time. Only available on LG Series 9 models.

By utilising the inverter pump, the water pressure can be varied to adjust the angle of the jet spray. A stronger pressure forces the water to spray upwards while lower water pressure allows the water to angle downwards.

The jet spray angle is adjusted based on the motion that is operating in the machine at any given time.

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