LG Bonus Product Protection




Receive a Bonus 6 Years Product Protection on advertised LG washers in the July catalogue. Offer Ends 31/07/2016

Redeem by 10th of August 2016

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Catalogue Models

Model Number & Description 
WF-T6572 LG 6.5KG Top Load Washer 
WD1200D LG 7KG Front Load Washer 
WF-T8582 LG 8.5KG Top Load Washer 
WD14024D6 LG 8KG Front Load Washer 
WTG1432WH LG 14KG Top Load Washer 
WTG1432VH LG 14KG Top Load Washer Stainless Steel 
WD12595FD6 LG 15KG/7KG Washer Dryer Combo
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