Get yourself a pleasing and practical fridge from Betta in store or online. An essential appliance in the home kitchen, a fridge provides effective cooling of all your groceries, meals, snacks, drinks and so much more! There are a growing range of fridge types available to meet all your refrigeration needs no matter your household size, your lifestyle, kitchen configuration or budget.
Shop a variety of fridge types including Top Mount Fridges, Bottom Mount Fridges, Side by Side Fridges, and French Door Fridges. Discover a great range of fridge models from popular brands including Westinghouse, Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, Hisense, Haier, CHiQ and TCL. No matter what type of fridge you’re after or if you’re going in with an open mind, we’ll help you find a Betta deal on your next fridge!

How to: Choose the Fridge for your Needs 

With many fridges available in the market, you’ll be spoilt for choice when embarking on your fridge buying journey. Check out crucial fridge considerations to know and our top tips below to find the right fridge for your needs.

Fridge Types

No two households are the same, and no two fridges are designed alike. There are many fridge types available to suit your unique needs. 

Top Mount Fridge

A classic design, Top Mount Fridges offer vital storage and cooling functions, with a top freezer and a bottom refrigerator section. Top Mount Fridges are great for compact kitchens and small households like couples and those who live alone.


Bottom Mount Fridge

Built opposite to Top Mount Fridges, they feature a top refrigerator section and a bottom freezer. Bottom Mount Fridges are also fit for small to mid-sized kitchens, and single or coupled households.


Side By Side Fridge

Side by Side Fridges are spilt in the centre, with easy access to refrigeration on one side and freezing on the other. Many will have a water and ice dispenser and some have a window panel to enable instant viewing of the fridge’s contents, such as InstaView by LG. They are perfect for mid-sized to large kitchens, growing families.


French Door Fridge

French Door Fridges feature a three-door design, with a top refrigerator accessed by two doors and a bottom freezer drawer. Often, they include a water and ice dispenser. French Door Fridges are great for families and entertainers in mid to large sized kitchens.


Quad Door Fridge

Indicated by their even four door design, Quad Door Fridges are often used interchangeably with ‘French Door Fridges’. Quad Door Fridges are ideal for families and entertainers in mid to large sized kitchens.


Integrated Fridge

Built into the cabinetry of your kitchen, Integrated Fridges are essentially hidden behind the same panels as your cupboards and pantry. They provide an aesthetic that can’t be achieved with any other fridge type, as they blend in and create a seamless kitchen design. Integrated Fridges are great for all household sizes and lifestyles.


Single Door Fridge

As its name suggests, these types of fridges feature only one door. They are many types of Single Door Fridges, designed for a range of uses and spaces, these includes Bar Fridges and Vertical Fridges (Freestanding). They typically are best suited for small kitchens, studios, granny flats, home offices etc.


Bar Fridge

Bar Fridges are small fridges designed for the storage and cooling of drinks such as soft drinks, beer and other beverages. They are not suitable for wine as wines are kept at a higher temperature, see wine cabinets. Ideal for entertainers and as extra storage of drinks and snacks.


Wine Cabinet

Wine Cabinets feature key technologies like humidity control, anti-vibration operation and anti-UV glass doors to protect and cellar wines (including champagne) at their optimal conditions. Wine Cabinets are best suited to wine collectors and entertainers.

Things to Consider When Buying a Fridge

With many fridges available in the market, you’ll be spoilt for choice when embarking on your fridge buying journey. Check out crucial fridge considerations to know and our top tips below to find the right fridge for your needs.


Fridge Capacity

A fridge’s size and usable capacity is typically expressed in litres (L). The size of your fridge will often be determined by your household size and lifestyle. For example, if you’re a couple or a person living alone, you may not need as much space as a large household such as a growing family or entertainer who hosts regularly. Consider how you use your fridge and what you want from it and combine it with our fridge size guide below to find your optimal fridge size:

  • 1 - 2 people: 200 – 400L
  • 3 - 4 people: 400 – 600L
  • 5+ people: 600L+

Flexible and Convertible Compartments

Variable and adjustable cooling zones offer flexibility of storage. Within the fridge’s extra compartment or drawer, convertible cooling temperatures and conditions effortlessly meets your changing needs whether you need to quick chill deli meats or instantly cool drinks. Need more freezer space? Simply switch the compartment to a ‘freeze’ mode and you can freeze more of your frozen items. 


The adjustable technology is known by various names across brands, for instance Haier calls it ‘Switch Zone™’, Electrolux have ‘TasteSealFlex Compartment’ and ‘FlexFresh Fully Convertible Entertainer’s Drawer’. Westinghouse calls theirs ‘FlexSpace Fully Convertible Drawer’ and Fisher & Paykel’s is ‘Variable Temperature Zone’. 

Water and Ice Dispensers

Water and ice dispensers will help ensure quick refreshments and easier entertaining. Plumbed water and ice dispensers deliver a constant supply while non-plumbed dispensers are great for flexibility of placement; perfect for renters. 


Innovative water and ice dispensers renew the experience, such as LG’s Craft Ice Maker that automatically produces slow-melting round ice and Samsung’s Beverage Centre™, which boasts an integrated water dispenser and Autofill Infuser Water Jug. 


The size of your fridge will be determined by the space in your kitchen. Measure up the space where your fridge is going to find the perfect fit. When selecting your new fridge, be mindful of leaving extra space around the fridge for heat to dissipate, as well as how the fridge door opens and if the surrounding space can accommodate for this.

French Door Fridges are commonly known for their 3-door design, with a top refrigerator with two door access and a bottom freezer drawer. Quad Door Fridges on the other hand are those with the even four door design, with the top section consisting of a refrigerator and the bottom section a freezer. Depending on the brand, Quad Door Fridges are also called French Door, for example Hisense and TCL call their four door fridges as French Door Fridges.

Depending on your household size and lifestyle, a big fridge might not always be the best option. While a bigger fridge offers more space to store and organise your food, the bigger the fridge or freezer, the more energy it uses. For small households that require the minimum amount of space, a big fridge may cost more to run than a smaller sized fridge.

Observe and compare energy ratings to know if the fridge will be efficient when it comes to power consumption. Generally, a higher energy star rating, the more efficient the fridge will be. Specific modes such as ‘Eco’ and ‘Holiday’ mode typically reduce power consumption, making them ideal programs to look out for when purchasing a new fridge.

Egg trays and wire wine racks are common included accessories to help you store your food and drinks effectively within the fridge. Included fridge accessories will vary by brand, we recommend you check the fridge’s product page and specifications before buying.